About us

Thruster is a team of diligent and motivated developers, supremely passionate about technology and solving problems.


Thruster was founded in 2020 by three senior software developers aiming to deliver software solutions that help clients not only solve their current problem, but provide coaching to avoid the same problem from returning in the future. 

With a combined experience of 20+ years, we are a finely tuned development engine, integrating best performance practices (Agile / Scrum / Kanban), unit / integration tests and extreme programming, all of which ensures our customers are more than ready to hit their target markets running. We have earned our development stripes in the fast-paced, start-up process of MVP (minimum viable product) delivery where the best practices of product development are used to deliver the most optimum and premium results.


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20+ years

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We have helped clients across a wide range of industries to gain a competitive advantage through software solutions that help businesses unlock growth.


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If you have your innovative ideas about developing or implementing a software project, Thruster will gladly provide you with a team of professionals