dedicated development team

Expand your development capabilities by hiring a dedicated team of developers


How does it work?

The software developers’ team is the outsourced version of your in-house department. The only difference is that this team works from our office. You can choose any suitable engagement level, from constant daily monitoring to regular result-focused reports. Outsourcing teams make software development more cost-effective, minimize time-to-hire, and speed up the release. We drive daily tasks and code quality so that you can focus on the big picture.

The main benefits of a dedicated development team

Cost-effectiveness and instant access to talent

It takes about 800 hours to hire a team of 5 good people, onboard them, and have them start working on the project. When hiring a dedicated development team you don’t have to worry about the search, recruitment, and administration. All the potential candidates are already in one place, they have everything they need to work on your project and are ready to start when you are. 



Manage the process

Dedicated development teams are easy to manage with the help of advanced task managers, time trackers, and other tools. What’s more, you as a customer may discuss the process of results reporting with your team. As a rule, the Project Manager is responsible for progress control, taking, and reporting so you may discuss the reporting and communication approach that will work equally well for you and your team. 



Focused approach

A dedicated development team is fully committed to your cause and basically becomes a part of your organization. It is focused solely on your project and set on reaching your goals with no distractions. Such a high level of engagement enables the team to get a deeper understanding of your business needs, thus, making them very efficient and productive in fulfilling your goals.



Access to global talents pool

When it comes to dedicated team gathering, you get the opportunity to choose from the global talents pool and get in touch with tech professionals that will perfectly match your project specifics, values, and requirements. The dedicated development team services provided by Thruster will give you significant competitive advantages while at the same solving a wide range of digital challenges.

If you have your innovative ideas about developing or implementing a software project, Thruster will gladly provide you with a team of professionals