Meet our employee Mindaugas!

In life, not everyone finds something to be passionate about. Luckily, we have some amazing team members here at Thruster, who have impressive hobbies. Meet Mindaugas and his passion for free flying.

It all started when one evening 8 years ago a group of friends decided to take up a challenge and jump from a plane together. “After our first jump we all approached the owner of the skydiving club and registered for the AFF course. To this day most of this group of friends are jumping out of the planes together” – says Mindaugas. 

According to him, part of the charm of skydiving is the community. Together with the community you participate in events, train in wind tunnels and try out new things in the sky. Trust runs high among the skydivers. So many things can go wrong in the sky, so when you jump out of a plane with someone you put all of your trust in him / her. Mindaugas adds that “skydiving “s so profoundly fun and fulfilling, that soon you discover that you’ve started to spend more time in sport than doing other activities”.

Skydiving is a big motivation for Mindaugas in his everyday life too. “When you take a literal leap and jump from an airplane, you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do” – concludes Mindaugas.


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