Why choose Lithuania?

Looking for a development team that can help you develop the software you need for your business?

Lithuania is developing a fast-growing reputation for experienced and professional technology professionals. The country boasts high levels of education and strong democratic traditions in keeping with Nordic neighbors, like Sweden and Norway. In general, Lithuanians have reputation as hard workers who go the extra mile for their employers. With upwards of 80% of the nation from 18 to 35 year olds speaking English fluently, working with Lithuanians means you will never experience issues with language barriers. Plus, as a member of the European Union, you can be assured that a Lithuania business understands and adheres to EU laws and standards, including GDPR and the Digital Services Act.

Thousands of start-ups have established in Lithuania, attracted by the engineering and development skills on offer, as well as the relatively generous tax allowances for new businesses. Many major technology companies including Uber, Revolut and Trustpilot employ software developers from Lithuania. 

Already here:

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that given the surge of investment in technology in the country that Vilnius ranked first in the inaugural Tech Start-up FDI Attraction Index ahead of competitors like London and Singapore.

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